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Wooden Pallet Recycling

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WANTED : LW1217216
Shipping Pt. / Location: USA, LILLIAN ALABAMA

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Quantity Units Frequency
25 - 28 pallets Contact for details
Price Funds Per Unit
4 - 6 dollars - -
- Used Wooden Pallets - 25 - 28. Wanted: Used Wooden Pallets - 25 - 28 . Recycled pallets to make a patio. No mold. Flexible on color deterioration. Rustic is good. Based on 48 x 40 size, however flexible on size, just have to refigure amount. Patio size about 10 x 12, but that is flexible also.

Shipping Pt. / Location: USA, VIRGINIA BEACH VA

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Quantity Units Frequency
500 pallets Month
Price Funds Per Unit
4.25 USD pallets
Used 2 Way Pallets - Wood Pallets. Used 2 Way Pallets shall consist of sorted reusable wooden pallets with an unnotched runner. The used pallets are to be sorted into uniform size and specification. The sizes are to be stated as to runner length, board width and board thickness. The number of top boards and the number of bottom boards should be stated.A designation as to hardwood or softwood is optional and to be agreed upon between the buyer and seller. Pallets with broken or damaged boards or runners may not be included.

Shipping Pt. / Location: USA, DAVISVILLE WV

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Quantity Units Frequency
100 pallets Ongoing
Price Funds Per Unit
3.00 USD pallets
Mixed Used Wooden Pallets - Mixed Used Wooden Pallets. Mixed Used Wooden Pallets shall consist of assorted sizes of used wooden pallets or skids in forkliftable stacks. May not contain assorted broken pallet pieces, but may contain a small amount of repairable pallets with an optional broken board.May not contain block pallets or non-standard runner heights. (4' standard heights are acceptable). Typical dimension of 48 x 144 inches. Some larger and some smaller, none are standard pallet dimension.

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