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Food grade polyester covered elastic food loops.
We are manufacturers of food grade polyester covered pre-tied elastic loops, predominately used for the tying of poultry (whole birds, rotisserie style, etc.), meats or any product that requires tying. TNI is ISO and GFSI certified. The loops we are offering are perfect quality, manufactured prior to our ISO certifications and does not meet our sizing standards under our ISO, specifically they did not meet the sizing requirements for our 5.5” loop specification. They are, however, perfectly suited for processors, who will use them for most meat or poultry applications, appreciate and can use various size loops for various application. What we are offering are assorted sizes from 4.5-6.5”, stretching to 13-19 inches, or 300%. They are packed in a vacuum packaged bag, 14 bag of 2500 loops and a total of 35,000 (loops) per case (16” X 19” X 24”), 4.2 cubic feet. weight approx 45 lbs. In total, we have 65 cases”, 910 bags or a total of 2,275,000 loops. The market for these loops would be Europe or Asia, we are offering them for $15 USD per bag, $13,650 USD, FOB our factory in West Chicago, IL USA subject to prior sale, as is where is, or best offer…...

Listing ID: LA1240609
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Quantity Units Frequency
910 bags One Time Only
Price Funds Per Unit
15 USD bag

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LA1240609 Available Food grade polyester covered elastic food loops. 2019-03-19 17:59:00
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