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Eagle Vizion in Canadian RecycleXchange

Eagle Vizion
Eagle Vizion
Thanks to our ongoing efforts in R&D, Eagle Vizion adapts and enhances its equipment to meet new challenges in an evolving industry. Our 3rd generation range of products - a major breakthrough in plastic sorting and analyzing - allows you to sort black plastics by polymer type, PE melt and tiny particles (0-5 mm).
The cutting-edge technology and built-in intelligence of our units ensures unparalleled efficiency and stream purity, providing a quick and profitable return on investment (ROI).
Eagle Vizion provides sorters that are custom made for each client. We define your requirements, design machines especially for your facility and application, and then build the exact sorters to satisfy your needs.
We are in business to provide the best possible optical sorting solution for your specific application at a competitive price. Moreover, our new Eagle Vizion Analysis (EVA) and EV 4.0 software packages not only supply real-time data, statistics and alerts but provide built-in intelligence to optimize your production and support decision making.

Eagle Vizion
Sherbrooke Quebec

Contact : Cherelle Brasseur
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